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li.text()+'3D printing technologies continues▓ to upgrade on a daily basis.China Breakthrough▓s: 3D printing pumps new life for y▓oung heart patientsChina Breakthroughs: 3D printing ▓pumps new life for young heart patients08-21-2017 13:36 BJTBut that's ancient history when con▓sidering the latest advances in the med

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ical field. Scientists, inventors and d▓octors are working closely with academia and govern▓ments to develop new devices and medical products that a


re manufactured by 3D printing in order to treat patients.According to the latest developments, the▓ medical community is not only manufacturing new limbs for

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amputees, but they can assist ▓children suffering from chronic illness▓, including congenital heart disease. The Shanghai Children's Medical Center has become

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a crucial player in this area.The largest children's hospital in China has utilized 3D printing to assist with heart s▓urgeries on young people.Life-saving su

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rgeriesIn April 2017, Xinhua reports two young patients - Ma Changqiang, 1▓6-years-old and 8-months-old Yang Youhong, both from nor▓th west China's Qinghai Province, had undergone heart surgery by d

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